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          365体育备用网址 and Camosun Initiative Supports 土著 交易 Training

          365体育备用网址 and Camosun Initiative Supports 土著 交易 Training

          January 28, 2020 - 2:45pm

          365体育备用网址 and Camosun College partnership will create new career pathways in the trades for 土著 Peoples.

          A new program sponsored by the Province of BC and the Industry Training Authority BC (ITA) will provide an opportunity for 土著 students to explore career options in trades at 温哥华岛 大学’s (365体育备用网址’s) 考伊琴 Campus and Camosun College. 

          Camosun and 365体育备用网址 will receive almost $1.4 million over two years to provide exploratory trades skills foundations courses to 160 participants. 

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          ITA 土著 Peoples in 交易 Training

           365体育备用网址 and Camosun Initiative Supports 土著 交易 Training


          365体育备用网址 and Camosun have offered training programs in the skilled trades for several decades. 

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          “该 Industry Training Authority is committed to building strong partnerships with industry, training providers and 土著 communities to create innovative programs that enable


          土著 people make up almost 5% of the total population of the country and according to Statistics 加拿大 population projections, that number will continue to grow over the next two decades, likely exceeding 2.5 million people.



          Annette Lucas, Communications Officer, 温哥华岛 大学

          O: 250.741.2020 | C: 250.618.7296 | E: annette.lucas@viu.ca 

          Communications & Marketing Office, Camosun College

          ○:250.370.4626 | communications@camosun.ca 

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